[amsat-bb] Re: ISS,13:20 UTC Pass

Gordon J. C. Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Wed Oct 15 07:10:05 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-15 at 14:46 +0100, Steve, G4GXL wrote:
> Very loud SSTV for around 30 seconds in JO02 when mobile.
> No other transmission heard in the 10 minute window.
> 73
> Steve, G4GXL

Very very loud SSTV received in IO75 (Glasgow) with a J-Pole in a tree-shrouded back garden!


Equipment was a homebrew J-pole on a 12-foot "mast", Trio TR-7730
transceiver, and qsstv on my laptop.  I recorded the pass so I could
fiddle about with decoding parameters later.

I started to catch another transmission just as the satellite dropped
out of range at about 8 degrees elevation - if I had hooked up the quad
I might have caught it.

My first successful SSTV decode, too!

I can make the captured .wav file available if anyone wants it.

Gordon MM3YEQ

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