[amsat-bb] Re: manual keplerian calculations

Jeff Wandling W7BRS jw at w7brs.com
Mon Oct 13 12:57:13 PDT 2008

To all so far, Thanks.  I think I'll take the question back and keep 
studying the problem.

> http://5b4az.chronos.org.uk/pages/norad.html , which is a
> translation of Kelso's pascal code into ANSI C. [...]

Getting a little far away from the question.   Re-interpreting source code 
is one way to verify that the software design solution used by the author 
of the code predicts the tracking.  I can probably (and did already 
actually) run this code and generate tracking data.  The formulae in the 
code are suspiciously close to the handbook, but there was a lot of 
reorganization of the equations to the point I had to replace the 
brain-fuse.  Glad there are spares handy.

I'm sure Dr. Kelso, et al. code is just peachy.

It's not quite what I'm after.  I need to use the formulae in the handbook 
to arrive at the same answer.

If I stumble across an email reply that addresses the questions regarding 
the formulae in the handbook, I'll summarize.  I may trip over the answer 
myself if I keep re-reading the handbook.

Thanks again,


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