[amsat-bb] Re: manual keplerian calculations

Simon (HB9DRV) simon at hb9drv.ch
Mon Oct 13 11:24:58 PDT 2008

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From: "cathrynham" <cathrynm at junglevision.com>
> Bit of a digression, but you know what we need, one of these days,
> is an open source code library for satellite tracking -- ideally
> cross-platform for both *nix/Windows.  This is something that
> would get use outside of the amateur community.

The Windows DLL I use is available in source code, it's not really 
Windows-specific as it's just number crunching. It handles satellites and 
the Sun, Moon and maybe another planet.

To my surprise (!) I haven't put it on my new website, an error I can 
correct :-)

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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