[amsat-bb] Re: Anyone running a PREDICT server I can test access with?

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Sat Oct 11 14:08:13 PDT 2008

James French wrote:
> I can't get PREDICT to run on my linux systems for some reason and would
> like to access a online PREDICT server for my PREDICT-GSAT program until
> I can fiqure out why PREDICT won't run on any of my systems.
> FYI, I have PREDICT loaded but it keeps going to the edit location
> screen each time I start. I enter my information each time and it shuts
> down each time.
> James W8ISS

I had that; I went to gpredict instead, because I wanted a GUI in any 
case.  Of course that has its own oddities (if you edit the TLE files, 
make sure you don't leave a blank line at the end - the parser is 
rubbish) but it's worked well for me.


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