[amsat-bb] Re: VC-H1 for SSTV reception

Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 11 00:33:00 PDT 2008

An update...

> To Allen, I'm pretty sure that the Kenwood software runs under Windows XP Pro.  At least, I've got a configuration file from my D7 file on my hard drive, and given that Linux isn't reading the radio, it must have been via XP....  I just don't remember when I last ran it.

Confirmed...  I just tried it again.  Actually, it wasn't the dual-booted Windows XP that I had used, but a Windows XP Pro install running under VMWare, on the Linux boot.  The serial interface was via a Keyspan USB->Serial converter, that I forced to COM 3 (the default was COM 5, which the Kenwood software won't talk to).

But VM or not, it was definitely running just fine under Windows XP.  Maybe the type of serial port has something to do with it?

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