[amsat-bb] SSTV etc from the ISS

David - KG4ZLB/MØZLB m0zlb at btinternet.com
Fri Oct 10 16:17:54 PDT 2008

I guess like everyone else I am looking forward to Richard Garriott 
getting up to the ISS and starting to beam down the pictures!

Two years ago when the SSTV system started for a short period, myself 
and David Barber (G8OQW) were fortunate to ("apparently" (so we were 
told)) be two of the only hams in the UK to successfully download 
images; that in itself made for considerable publicity for the hobby so 
if anyone would like to read an article that I wrote and see some of the 
pictures that we received then please click here! 

Please be aware that the article was written in basic terms for an 
audience consisting of mainly non-hams but the pictures are nice :-)



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