[amsat-bb] Re: VC-H1 for SSTV reception

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Fri Oct 10 15:22:10 PDT 2008

Allen Vinegar wrote:
> I would like to try receiving SSTV pictures using a VC-H1 and TH-D7AG combo with a handheld Arrow antenna.The VC-H1 stores up to ten pictures. Does anyone know of a program that will work with Windows XP that will allow the downloading of the stored pictures to a computer? The software that Kenwood originally provided does not seem to work under Windows XP.

What happens when you try to run it?  Do you know which version it's
meant to work with?

The serial data commands are listed in the back of the manual for the
VC-H1.  It looks like it would be easy to write software for a modern OS
to transfer files.  I don't have a VC-H1 to try it with, though.

If anyone in the UK has one they'd like to sell, please let me know ;-)


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