[amsat-bb] A little help please...

Joseph Seibert jsalaska at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 10 09:02:39 PDT 2008

  I'm going to be demonstrating satellite operations to a group of six High School students this afternoon. They're all working on their Tech Class licenses and I'm trying to get them interested in satellite operations. We even have the local newspaper's reporter lined up to watch, so their will be some good public relations.
   We'll be on the 2300 UTC AO-51 pass and would be appreciative if anyone who could contact us. We're pretty far west so it'd be great if stations on the west coast or our Canadian neighbors would give us a try. The call sign will be our club call, AL7YK and grid is AP90ds. We'll be using our club's arrow antenna with a IC 91AD HT.
   Well also be on AO-7 on most of Sunday's passes who anyone who'd like to work our grid.

Joe Seibert- AL1F
Bethel, Alaska


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