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Your conclusion about my prior comment (N3TL's post) is proper. It is the 
League in whom I was disappointed . . . . . lack of publicity. . . . . 

Your comment that the League is not interested in satellite operations is, 
in my opinion, also proper. I posted a few weeks ago here on the AMSAT  BB 
my "first impressions" . I had operated satellites in 1974-1976.  Upon my 
return in August 2008 I was shocked that I  actually operated through 7 
different satellites. There are some that I have not yet tried too. From my 
reading of QST I had the inaccurate impression that there was  one FM 
repeater type and maybe a digital bird too. I am not the sharpest pencil in 
the box but I am not alone in my inaccurate perception. I walked past 
AMSAT'S booth at the Dayton Hamvention the past few years. It was not until 
I was outside the convention building this year  and saw a live demo that my 
interest was again raised. I have invested in a couple of M Squared yagis, 
an elevation rotor and a Ham M for my satellite operation. Then I upgraded 
to an Icom 910H with almost every option but the 1296 mhz module. That is a 
nice amount of change to throw into the satellite game. It works fairly well 
and has provided me a great amount of enjoyment in my recent retirement.

I was disappointed that AMSAT and ARRL have not accurately publicized what 
is available. I remember a column in QST some years ago. Nothing now days.

I might add that I normally look up those I work (so far 500 QSOs in 135 
grids) on QRZ.COM. I see that more than one-third are old timers. I worked 
one Old Timer who is well into his late nineties and several who are in 
there nineties. The satellites need more publicity. I have found almost 
everyone on the birds to be outgoing, friendly and courteous. I am enjoying 
the birds. Thank you AMSAT and ARRL for their contributions. A better job 
can be done to encourage satellite usage. I see there are those who are 
attempting that. I hope I can make a contribution. I gathered a small group 
of satellite users here in Cincinnati for lunch a week ago. We are helping 
each other with issues (software, antennas etc). Ham Radio is a wonderful 

73  Jim W9VNE

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> Jim noted:
> "...I was disappointed by N3TL's  email posting on the AMSAT  BB today
> concerning ARRL's  VUCC program as it applies to satellite operating..."
> As I read it...you were disappointed with the ARRL and not N3TL's
> questioning. I too worked through Gus Browning and Don Miller...
> If the league has a legitimate question...as in the intersections are in a
> "lake" "ocean" or side of a "shear cliff" they should request 
> documentation
> from the "DXpeditioner" for some sort of proof...
> GPS would be the ultimate, but 360 degrees of pictures from a camera could
> be the standard. (Next they would want recordings to make sure there 
> aren't
> any "Ghost" contacts.)
> ARRL is not capable of overseeing Satellite contacts and awards...they
> really don't care about satellites...
> VUCC satellite should be an AMSAT function so that those who understand 
> the
> hobby can judge the hobby!
> Roger
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] ARRL VUCC
>> I was disappointed by N3TL's  email posting on the AMSAT  BB today
> concerning ARRL's  VUCC program as it applies to satellite operating.
>> I have been an ARRL member for 55 years. I have VUCC on both 6 meters and
> 2 meters. I also am on the ARRL  DXCC  Honor Roll and I have the ARRL  #1
> Honor Roll plaque for having worked all the DXCC countries.  I have been
> around for awhile. I remember very well the Gus Browning , W4BPD  QSLs 
> from
> places that he never operated from or had permission to operate from. I 
> also
> remember problems that the league had with Don Miller, W9WNV for the same
> reason in their DXCC  program.
>> I recently got back on the satellites (was on in 1974 through 1976). In
> about 6 weeks I have worked over 130 Grid Squares. My goal is a VUCC on 
> the
> satellites. Some of those have been Grid Expeditions. Not so certain now
> that I want to continue to expand my efforts and money (SASE and outgoing
> postage) only to have the league question the legitimacy of those
> operations.
>> Does the ARRL question the "Rovers" that take part in the ARRL   VHF
> contests ? I am unaware of any of those operations from rare grids being
> challenged or disallowed. Someone please correct me if I am in error on 
> that
> opinion.
>> I had been planning to do some grid expeditions myself. There should be
> some communication and understanding by the league that is missing at this
> time. It is a shame that there is inconsistency and selective application 
> of
> documentation and confirmation standards of where you were operating from.
>> Disappointed but not surprised by the ARRL's   AD  HOC  rule enforcement.
>> Jim W9VNE
>> EM79tb   Cincinnati, Ohio
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