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Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Fri Oct 3 18:53:10 PDT 2008

I agree the D600 and other Dell refurbished notebooks are a good way to go.
Generic memory and/or HD upgrades are readily available at your local
computer shop or nationally at places such as TigerDirect.com

Just Google "Dell D600 Refurbished" and get stuff such as


My personal preference is the D800 


which is about the same price, larger ( thicker ) and was sold originally as
a desktop replacement for business.  You can swap out the DVD for a second
battery.  Again, generic component replacements ( memory upgrades, HD,
batteries, A/C adapters, etc ) are everywhere.

My D800 is my dedicated ham radio PC and I keep all the neat new ham
software and experimenting away from my mission critical PC.

That being said, the 2 USB ports are never enough nor the one serial port so
I run a powered USB hub and serial/usb converters.  e.g. A serial port for a
PacComm for Wisp, serial CAT for FT847 on a USB converter, and a bunch of
other USB connections for LVB Tracker, printer, external hard disk etc.

These old business work horses are fast enough for any ham work I do.

... Alan


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At 05:56 PM 10/3/2008, JD wrote:
>There was a similar thread on TAPR_APRS group and many good suggestions 
>were made.
>I had a similar need and bought a TOSHIBA TECRA A9-9019X (WIN XP PRO) 
>about 6 weeks ago. I have noticed they are rapidly disappearing so 
>others must like it too. I believe it has been out of production for 
>about 8-9 months.

Dear Friends,

In the same vein, I can recommend the Dell D600 (WinXP Pro) which comes with
a serial and a parallel port as well as the usual WiFi, USB, Ethernet etc..
These were extremely popular business laptops so they are still widely

ony AA2TX

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