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This is where the "beauty" of HEO satellites are seriously missed. Unlike
LEO satellite exchanges, HEO satellites promote true, long discussions with
hams in other countries creates genuine cultural exchanges - much more than
"just talking". I can cite chapter and verse of such past QSOs.

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I had a question a couple of days ago from someone that thought all you
could do over the satellites was talk.  I explained to him that there
were other things you could do but I'm sure I left out some things.

That got me thinking, though.  I wonder how many people just aren't
familiar enough with satellites to know there are other things you can
do with them than just pick up a microphone and talk.

I've already started writing an article on what you can do with
satellites but I'd love to hear from all the users out there as to how
you operate over the birds.

Please respond directly to me at w4otn at amsat.org.

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