[amsat-bb] TS2000X vs. 910H ?

Gordon Bousman nw7d.ham at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 17:44:19 PST 2008

I'm just about to get started in working satellites and debating between two
rig options:  Kenwood TS2000X and the Icom 910H.  I already have an HF rig
(Icom 756Pro-3) so don't really need the HF features of the TS2000X but
otherwise it seems very comparable to the 910H especially when you consider
that all the options for the 910H are standard in the TS9000X.  Price-wise,
they both seem to be in  the same ballpark (when you add most options to the
910H).  If you were just getting starting out in satellites, which rig would
you choose?  Thanks, Gordon NW7D

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