[amsat-bb] Re: I8CVS

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Fri Nov 28 12:50:51 PST 2008

On Friday 28 November 2008 15:47:57 WILLIAMS MICHAEL wrote:
> I am just amazed.
> It seems like every time Domenico (I8CVS) gets on this BB and makes a post,
> I am printing a hard copy of what he has to say or printing the link he
> refers me to. This is followed by a ritual of punching holes and
> putting this valuable information into a binder for  reference.  
> I just wanted to let you know that somebody out here is using your
> information. 
> Thank you Domenico!
> Mike (K9QHO)
> AMSAT 33589

Yeah.  I keep them in machine readable form.  I know I'll need a lot
of what he says at various points in the future.

Thanks Domenico for your contributions.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82

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