[amsat-bb] AO7 orbit 55749, possible problem?

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG mlunday at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 26 16:47:18 PST 2008

According to my notes, the bird switches from MODE A to MODE B (or back to
MODE A) at approx 2100 UTC every day.  Today, it was supposed to be in mode
A.  According to the AO7 log, it made the switch to MODE A, but apparently
switched back to mode B.


26-Nov-08 23:37 55749 K4JPC EM73WU Mode B K3SZH, VE3DRT, W7LRD 
26-Nov-08 23:33 55749 VE3DRT EN93RK Mode B WP4CNU, K4JPC, K3SZH, W7LRD 
26-Nov-08 22:41 55748 EA8TX IL18QI Mode A K3SZH 
26-Nov-08 22:41 55748 K3SZH FN10OG Mode A EA8TX 
26-Nov-08 21:00 55747 AJ9K EN53EB Mode A   
26-Nov-08 20:59 55747 AJ9K EN53EB Mode B DJ3AK 
26-Nov-08 20:55 55747 DJ3AK JO52GJ Mode B F5APQ, K3SZH, G1WPR

When the bird made a pass at my QTH around 0040 UTC, I did not hear a peep
on MODE A or MODE B.  Normally I hear LOTS of signals.

Indication of a problem?

Mark Lunday
wd4elg at arrl.net

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