[amsat-bb] visual sighting of ISS

Jim Danehy jdanehy at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 25 08:04:37 PST 2008

You had someone direct you to Heavens-above for the passes for your location. They did not answer the question about "seeing" the ISS with naked vision. Usually the ISS has a magnitude of +1, in my viewing experience. It can vary but +1 is about normal for ISS. Viewing, as you may know has many variables. The biggest obstacle is the light pollution from the big city. If you can get to a "dark sky" location you can enjoy the sight. From a light polluted location : good luck. From my experience, it is normally on the horizon in the early evening which is not good. You have a chance from the suburbs when the elevation is over 10 degrees ( 90 degrees being overhead). All of the above is for naked eye viewing. You might want to have a pair of small binoculars handy to enhance your view. It moves quickly . . . . Heavens-Above is a good URL for getting info on ISS. It is fairly large (350' X 225'  X 150') and up 200 miles. The sun will illuminate it very well. Good luck.


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