[amsat-bb] CW lives

Jim Danehy jdanehy at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 25 07:50:31 PST 2008

I am a CW op. This morning I had a real treat to work Tony, K8ALM; Stan W3QBK and Mike, W8AB on FO 29 and VO 52 within a few minutes of each other. WOW . . . we missed the regulars : K9CIS and K9QHO. I think all of us are probably retirees. Need to get N3TE and AJ9K on there too. KE7ULS pounds some pretty good brass and when the footprint is out West that nationally known QST photographer, Bob , W7LRD pounds through. Just great to work these guys. Talk about QSK break in . . . .maybe we can have a large CW   QSO on FO 29 . . . AO 7 suffers from old age. Just great to work these guys as often as I can . . .Maybe we can have a CW  Day on the birds . . .

73  Jim W9VNE

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