[amsat-bb] another idea for a sat

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 18:57:17 PST 2008

What would you think of a sat that required no user frequency control for
uplink or downlink and carried somewhere between 10 and 30 simultanious
conversations?  Here's how it can be done and it's a mode that I think
deserves more investigation - ACSB, possibly with a twist.  for those not
familiar with ACSB, it's essentially SSB with a subaudable tone inserted.
on recieve that subaudable tone of known frequency can be used for tuning
and doppler adjustment.  Taken a step further one could use the on sat
beacon as the reference "tone" and simply maintain a frequency exactly a
certain distance from that.  come to think of it we could experiment with
this now on the ssb birds we have now.  anyone interested in trying this?
has it been tried?  what do you think?


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