[amsat-bb] Grid Expeditions

Jim Danehy jdanehy at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 23 12:28:07 PST 2008

Patrick, WD9EWK

Your statement about reality is correct. 

I do hear folks getting on top of a rare grid operator and : "CQ  CQ  CQ" . . . . reality is one thing . . . . . . attempting to persuade others to a better way is something else . . . maybe we can make reality better, I hope so. Maybe by identifying yourself as a "Grid Expedition" during your transmissions will get a subtle message out there . . . well maybe not so subtle . . . .that was my point . . .  I do not see a down side . . . sometimes people need a reminder . . . again, improvement is a   j o u r n e y  not  a    d e s t i n a t i o n.

Patrick, thanks for all of your contribution to the Grid Hunting it is appreciated. 


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