[amsat-bb] Re: First week as a satellite newbie

Bryan Green bag at mac.com
Sat Nov 22 22:59:33 PST 2008

On Nov 18, 2008, at 12:16 PM, Alan Sieg WB5RMG wrote:

> Way to go Bryan (& Marnie) !!!    Great narrative !
> Congratulations - and keep after the dream. It takes time, but it  
> happens.
> Don't forget to submit contact info for your certificate :
>  http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/awards/
> You now qualify for the "Satellite Communicators' Club" . . .

Thank you, Alan! It has been a very fun week since. I've made quite a  
few contacts, and I really like this aspect of amateur radio.

I will pass along the certificate information to Marnie. I have heard  
from mutual ham friends that the experience vitalized her, and she's  
passed her General exam and is having some QSL cards printed up. She's  
excited to get her first QSL in return from that satellite contact.

-- bag

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