[amsat-bb] Re: Confusion over VUCC criteria

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Sat Nov 22 16:06:10 PST 2008

At 03:38 PM 11/22/2008, Mark Lunday, WD4ELG wrote:
>I checked the web page for VUCC, and it says no active satellites or
>repeaters can be used for the award.  Whoops, maybe I misunderstood but I
>thought these SAT QSO's, once confirmed, would count towards VUCC.
>Mark Lunday
>wd4elg at arrl.net

Hi Mark,

Satellite contacts do not count towards a "normal"
VUCC but there is a separate VUCC for satellite-only
contacts. For satellite VUCC, you can even count HF
contacts via modes A, K, and T.

Tony AA2TX (VUCC-satellite #58)

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