[amsat-bb] Re: Predict Voice Announcements?

Paul Williamson kb5mu at amsat.org
Sat Nov 22 12:39:28 PST 2008

>Hi All:
>Anyone have any problems with the voice announcements with the Predict
>program? If I understand correctly, if you use an uppercase "T" command, you
>will get voice announcements periodically. Doesn't seem to want to work
>here, am I missing something? No big deal, just curious!

What platform? Did you build it yourself or get a binary somewhere?

PREDICT does the voice announcements through a separate program called "vocalizer". Do you have that program? It should be in the vocalizer subdirectory of the Predict directory. You can run it standalone to see if it works by itself:

./vocalizer 123 45

Vocalizer works on Linux by writing to /dev/dsp. Do you have such a device? If you cat a .WAV file to it, can you hear anything?

73  -Paul
kb5mu at amsat.org

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