[amsat-bb] Graphical Satellite Pass Schedule Graphics?

DeYoung James deyoung_james at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 12:11:41 PST 2008


Does anyone know of a pass scheduler program that produces satellite pass 
times graphically for multiple satelites over say at least a day?  
A ficticous 1/2-day example of what I am looking for appears below. 
I know Bob's aprsdos does it but I don't run dos level programs anymore in Vista if I can help it.  I built an Excel spreadsheet to kind of produce a graphical pass schedule but it is a painfully manual process to generate.


        0h         03h          06h           09h            12h
AO-7    ---     ----  
FO-29                     ---     ----      ---
AO-16                                                         ---     ----
VO-52         --     ---     --
AO-51      ---     ------      --
SO-50   ---     -----      ---

etc, etc.

Jim, N8OQ


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