[amsat-bb] UISS, GO-32 & 9600pbs

John Hackett archie.hackett at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 00:58:46 PST 2008

Hello Nader,
                 I was extreenly interested in your discovery that the UISS program
decodes 9600 bps from GO-32 - (and AO-51).

I lost interested in packet radio in 1990 when I moved to Frei Island. 

>From myQTH, surrounded by mountains, it was nigh on impossible to work 
the Pacsats in LEO and of course (for the same reason) the ISS was a 
non-starter for me, 'm too far north.

However, I just checked - and I see that GO-32 'is' workable from my QTH 
occasionally. I know how to modify rigs for 9600 bps but my question is ...

Is it possible to make some sort of relatively simple tuning indicator for 9600bps ??.

Tone decoder, centre meter, LED's, old 1 inch tube type RTTY indicator, 
comparator system ... I can't find any information on the net. 1200 bps is easy but
I believe 9600 bps is a different matter - (I am of course showing my digital ignorance

Do you have any references to any circuit diagrams Nader ??.

I know you can't actually *hear* 9600bps modulation, hence my request for 
an 'indicator'.

I believe one way is that the white (background) noise goes quiet when 9600bps 
is being received.

Confirmation - (or strong denials) - of this would be appreciated from the digital 
experts among us.

Any advice, tips, references or relavant URL's would be greatly appreciated.

to recap ...

I'm looking for some sort of 'INDICATOR' for 9600bps signals ... (if it's possible).

73 John.   <la2qaa at amsat.org>  

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