[amsat-bb] Question re WA5VJB "Cheap Yagiis"

Curt Nixon cptcurt at flash.net
Fri Nov 14 10:47:43 PST 2008

Good afternoon:

Hi have liked the way the WA5VJB Kent Britain 144Mhz cheap yagi worked 
so decided to build one for 435.

Couple of questions:

For the driven element "hairpin" or J, it shows 1/2" dimension for the 
spacing--knowing this might be critical on 435, is that INSIDE spacing 
or OUTSIDE spacing??

Also, I noticed what appears to be unusual element spacing for the last 
directors in both the 435 and 432 versions.  The spacing increments seem 
to follow an increasing spacing trend but then the last couple are 
different.  ie  spacing goes ...6.25, 6.5, 6.5, 7.25, 7.25, 7.0, then 7.5.

Is this a result of the computer design for easily progressive build, or 
perhaps some error in the dimensions posted on-line??




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