[amsat-bb] Re: iPhone APP for Sat Tracking

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 12 14:01:13 PST 2008

>> I'm not sure I want everybody to know 
>> where I am at every given hour of the
>> day....

No, but being able to push a button and inform all of ham radio
where you are sometimes as needed is very powerful.  Like
portable Sat operations for example.

> Besides, the iPhone app would not currently be
> practical for many common uses of APRS. If you 
> really want vehicle tracking, for instance...

Forgive me for stumping like this, but that is a common
See www.aprs.org/APRS-tactical.html

APRS was never designed to be a vehicle tracking system.  It is
a fundamental digital communications backbone network between
all operators in a local or global area.  No matter what, where,
or how, or on what frequency someone is operating, they always
have a digital channel to any/everyone else in ham radio on this
single national channel.

It's the signalling and info channel for everything.  Oh, by the
way, yes, it can be used to place you on the map.  But in most
cases no one really cares where you are...  But the end-to-end
connectivity for simple text messaging only by callsign is very
powerful.  See www.aprs.org/aprs-messaging.html

Its supposed to be a resource for seeing what are all the ham
radio assets, systems, and nets, and operations are in your
immediate area live, now.  

Sorry for the stumping.

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