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D. Mynatt dave at mynatt.biz
Tue Nov 11 20:25:23 PST 2008

I would also like to add my 2 cents worth to the mix; I hope to have my 
system set up soon and when I do I hope to be able to assist the COMPASS 
folks in any way I can.

We should be embracing this and other projects, and there are a few more, 
that add to our general knowledge and to our hobby.

Anything I can do from here?


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>I believe that the COMPASS-1 team reached a long way to mobilize a 
> effort of skilled amateurs to help recover a failing satellite. This is 
> one
> more story for the ages; how the Amateur community was trusted by being
> provided open control codes, to do what they do best....provide the
> diversity of location and the perseverance inherent in the hobby to bring 
> an
> orbiting object back to life.
> These new "control operators" stand up with those special few who were 
> able
> to capture signals from an antenna-less Suitsat-1, 200 miles distant and
> report progress to the professional team who had launched the project.
> Amateur does not mean un-professional, it just means we don't get paid for
> what we enjoy doing.
> Roger
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>> Hi All,
>> I want to fully endorse the comments from Bob and Bruce.  I have been
>> working with the Compass team for the last few months and it has been a
> most
>> enjoyable experience.  Their willingness to provide feedback, telemetry
>> decoding software and general information is I think unique in the 
>> Cubesat
>> world.  Beyond that it is the only amateur satellite as far as I know 
>> that
>> actually invites active participation in satellite command and control
>> operations - an opportunity normally restricted to a select few. It
> presents
>> an opportunity to try something quite different from the normal run of 
>> the
>> mill amateur satellite operations and I for one believe that Compass has
>> been an excellent addition to the ranks of amateur satellites.
>> Alan
>> ZL2BX
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