[amsat-bb] Re: SSTV on AO-51

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Tue Nov 11 16:11:22 PST 2008

It's likely one of the Chinese long-range cordless phones that pop up on 
e-Bay all the time, even though they are illegal to import or sell in the US 
(and probably Canada, as well).  They operate in the ham bands and plague 
AO-51 users in Europe and Asia, making the bird virtually unusable at 

George, KA3HSW

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> Luc Leblanc wrote:
>> I also hear someone speaking with a child it look like a telephone 
>> conversation a bit off the uplink frequency.
> I believe I have been hearing something similar lately. A transmission
> that seems to be very garbled and off-frequency, it's been making me
> scratch my head regarding it's origins. Anyone have any idea?
> ~Ben
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