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I think a couple of "it is my opinion" or "I believe" phrases would go a long way in softening some of these valid questions.


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Having someone express their opinion in public; as you have also done;  
should not subject them to belittling.

Also, is it really necessary for you to append your emails with your  
PGP signature?

73 de W4AS

On Nov 11, 2008, at 11:13 AM, Ben Jackson wrote:

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> i8cvs wrote:
>> If the COMPASS team is looking for someone (or more) radioamateurs
>> all around the world in assisting with command and telemetry using  
>> our
>> amateur ground stations built  using our amateur money in my  
>> opinion the
>> COMPASS-1 scientific organization should donate contributions to  
>> in order to buid our communication satellites.
>> Is the COMPASS-1 scientific organization in Germany donating  
>> contributions
>> to AMSAT-DL to build P3-E or not ?
> Last I checked Amateur Radio is science. I think as Radio Amateurs we
> should be more then willing to assist the science community at large.
> Asking for Quid Pro Quo is childish and silly and reflects badly on  
> the
> entire community.
>   ~ Ben, who would help, if he could.
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