[amsat-bb] Re: last pass of AO-51

Dave Aitch dave at g1ocn.com
Sat Nov 8 12:21:27 PST 2008

I had a week in Bermuda recently.
I only operated on AO-51 with a HT and an Arrow.
It was the week with both channels on V/U, one 
channel was QRP. 
(I missed all the SSTV from the ISS.)

I did work Dave ZLB and several others, but
activity is just as rife, but with perhaps just
a little bit more order. I am happy to say that
my (limited) satellite activity experience through
AO-51 from Bermuda to the U.S. was very much better
than from the U.K.

I did note also, that most USA ops did not give
signal reports and only the first 4 digits of their
IARU locator. Fine by me, if two ops have repeated 
call signs and know who is talking to who, then fair

It could be an idea to adopt that this side of the
pond too. Just note the received satellite signal 
at the time of the QSO. ( Does it matter that much?)

(NOTE U.S. Ops: Please slow down when saying your 
4 digit locator. It will save you being asked to say
it  again)

The problem over this side is lack of attention.
Its been said many times before. If you cant hear
the satellite, don't call through it, sort your
receiver out.

Agreed that SSB satellites are more orderly, but
that depends on your downlink frequency. Listen
across the downlink of 52 and 29 (even FO-20 when 
it was alive) it can be just as noisy with spurious
transmissions from those searching for themselves
on the downlink.

For those on this list older & wiser than I, and 
have been working satellites since year dot, you 
have seen and heard it all before, I'm sure.

I felt the need to make comment, even though this,
and my previous comment, will probably not be read 
by those at fault.

David. G1OCN. 

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