[amsat-bb] GO-32 Observation.

Dave Aitch dave at g1ocn.com
Thu Nov 6 04:10:53 PST 2008

Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

Over the last couple of days I have been trying
to work GO-32 9K6 data BBS.

I sorted the continuous request for the DIR by 
deleting the appropriate file.

I sent a test message, which was accepted.
The DIR was requested but no data downloaded.

I tried again this morning. DIR requested, along
with others in the queue, but nothing downloaded.

Uploaded a short message to myself agn, noted the msg
number and requested to download it, but again,
no response, but my call sign appeared in the queue
to download the msg, as it does when requesting the

So 32 will accept files transmitted to it, but
doesn't respond to files requested from it.

Hope this helps someone somewhere.

73, Dave. G1OCN. AMSAT UK 5766
Portland. Dorset.

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