[amsat-bb] Re: help with wisp

Gordon JC Pearce MM3YEQ gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Tue Nov 4 00:32:08 PST 2008

Alan wrote:

> Sometimes "new" is not "improved" nor "current".

That's certainly true

> Lots of great freeware around such as HRD, UI-VIEW32, MMSSTV, and a
> bazillion logging programs and more.

Yes, but they're Windows-only, and there is no source code available.  I
don't want to have to buy a very expensive piece of software (which is
closed-source, and therefore insecure and unmaintainable) to run another
piece of closed-source software.

> If you want to be on the bleeding edge and into open source go to
> sourceforge.net and sourceforge.com and do some searches, or, Google
> Linux/ham radio.

Exactly!  You won't find much.  What there is, is generally pretty
terrible - about the best thing out there is probably the soundmodem

No-one seems to be terribly keen to give up their secrets, either.  I've
been trying to get a description of the packet format for APRS-IS for a
while, with pretty much no success.  It's not on the APRS-IS website
(there's a guide for the commands to pass to the server for enabling
filters, but that's about it for the "developer guide"), and the only
email response I've had back about it is "Only people developing APRS
software need to know about that" - which I thought was rather the point!


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