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Alan ve4yz at mts.net
Mon Nov 3 18:38:10 PST 2008

In defense of WISP32... It works as well in Vista as it did in WIN95, WIN98,
NT4 ( as well as anything ran in NT4 that needed to talk to a comport ),
WIN2000, and XP.

I still use it solely for the GO-32 BBS while running SatPC32 and LVB
Tracker to control the rotator and doppler.

I also occasionally use the olde golde TrakBox. The TrakBox is 15 years old
and I can run doppler and rotator without a PC ( great for Field Day ).  The
"current" LVB Tracker goes brain dead every couple of weeks and requires a
recalibration and only does rotators.

Sometimes "new" is not "improved" nor "current".

Lots of great freeware around such as HRD, UI-VIEW32, MMSSTV, and a
bazillion logging programs and more.

If you want to be on the bleeding edge and into open source go to
sourceforge.net and sourceforge.com and do some searches, or, Google
Linux/ham radio.

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Jeff Wandling W7BRS wrote:

> "WiSP for Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 is current. Written by Chris 
> Jackson, ZL2TPO."

WTF? For suitable versions of "current", perhaps!

> WiSP may be obsolete? What version are you running?

I'll say.

It's one of the odd things I've noticed about software for amateur radio,
though.  It all seems to be really badly written shareware for old versions
of Windows, with no source code available and quite often a fee required to
"unlock" the useful bits - which, if it hasn't been updated in ten years,
you may not be able to get any more!

I would have thought that radio amateurs would have grokked the concept of
open source, if anyone did...

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