[amsat-bb] Preamp advice, pse

ANTHONY JAPHA tjjapha at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 3 15:45:04 PST 2008

Bird Lovers,
Pse let me have advice on which of the following ARR 2 mtr preamps I should get: P144VDA: 1.0db nf, 15 db gain; or P144VDG: 0.5db nf, 24db gain.

The preamp will be used primarily for AO-7.  I operate only portable in a high noise environment here in Manhattan.  I doubt the nf difference is at all meaningful in my use.  The large difference in gain between the 2 preamps may not be impt. either, that is the real question.  My XCVR is the FT-817.  Another 817 is used to transmit, running abt 15-20 watts into a small amp. with an Arrow split between 2 booms on 2 tripods only abt. 1 ft. from each other.

So what's the verdict?

Tnx and 73,
Tony, N2UN

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