[amsat-bb] Starting out on packet mode

Ciaran Morgan ciaran at it-sparkles.co.uk
Sun Nov 2 02:38:41 PST 2008

Hello folks,

Being a relative "newbe" to the hobby, I am trying to find information on
using packet data with the likes of the ISS and other AO satellites.  

My set up is fairly basic at the moment - FT857D using a US Interface
Navigator and running into a Watson W50 co-linear that is on the very top of
my house (which is on a bit of a hill in the area I live).  I know most
people suggest/recommend using a TNC for packet but are there any software
TNCs/systems (and instructions on setting them up) around that I could pick
up to try out?

I did hear the ISS on 145.825Mhz this morning as it went over Europe
(0840UTC ish.) which is a start.. 


Ciaran - M0XTD	

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