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Allen F. Mattis afmattis at hal-pc.org
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Bummer.. Someone mislead me. Thanks for the correction.  A map I have 
says 1950 ft elevation for Enchanted Rock.  I just checked Google 
Earth and it gives a number closer to 1835 for the 
elevation.  Anyway, it will be fun and I'll give a shot tomorrow afternoon.


At 11:46 AM 5/30/2008, you wrote:
>Might want to re-check your geography on Enchanted rock. Mount Livermore
>(8,382 feet [2,555 metres]; also called Mount Baldy, or Baldy Peak) is
>the second highest point in Texas. Enchanted rock is only 1825 feet
>above sea level.
>Kenneth - N5VHO
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>N5AFV Planning Special Event Station Double Header
>The week end of May 31st - June 1st, 2008, Allen, N5AFV, will operate
>two special event stations on the FM satellites from the Texas Hill
>On Saturday, May 31st Allen plans to climb to the top of Enchanted
>Rock, the second highest point in the state of Texas, and operate two
>satellite passes using his W32A HT and AL800 telescoping antenna.  The
>passes will be an AO-27 pass at 2121 UTC, and an SO-50 pass at 2135
>UTC.  Enchanted Rock is a unique pink granite dome that rises 425 feet
>above the surrounding countryside.  Tonkawa Indians named the granite
>dome Enchanted Rock because they believed that ghost fires flickered
>at the top and that a Spanish conquistador had cast a spell on the
>dome.  A steep hiking trail 0.6 miles long provides access to the top
>of the dome.  Enchanted Rock is located in Maidenhead grid square EM00
>and Allen will use his call sign, N5AFV, for the operation.
>The following day, June 1st, Ten-Ten International will hold its 20th
>annual (and final) Hill Country Picnic in Bulverde, Texas (Maidenhead
>grid square EL09).  To commemorate the 20th and last Ten Ten
>International Hill County Picnic, Allen has been authorized to use the
>Ten Ten International club call sign, W6OI, on the OSCAR satellites on
>June 1st.  Tentative plans include conducting a satellite demo for
>those attending the picnic, probably on the 2024 UTC pass of SO-50 or
>the 2052 UTC pass of AO-27.  Other satellite passes will also be
>worked June 1st UTC time using the W6OI call sign.
>QSL information for both operations is to N5AFV with an SASE.
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