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Don, (et al)
First, if some of our leadership doesn't hear about any dis-satisfactions amoung memers, they will not know that anything is in disarray.  I have been a long time member and love to hear all that transpires through this BB.  
I learn that the most unfascinating thing to the overwhelming majority is LEO satellites.  While they offer EZ sat capability, a one channel unit doesn't peak the skills of a conversation through staellites as on HF and VHF local repeaters.  HEO type birds offer a great deal more- scheduling nets, and more contacts depending on the position of the HEO.  
Our members deserve information in a timely manner and this BB offers that too.  I beleive in "delete" buttons and I use mine frequently with a grain of salt as needed.
The information gathered here is by far a more rewarding an experience than any other distraction.  Remember, our group is as active as its membership.
See all in NJ at the BARA hamfest 5/31/08 in Westwood, NJ (& others)
Dee, NB2F
NJ AMSAT co-ordinator and  promoter

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From: don 
Date: Friday, May 30, 2008 6:59 am
Subject: [amsat-bb] Re grizzles
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> I'm surprised that the trolling occurring on the BBS has aroused 
> such 
> strange reactions.
> Surely there is a place for all space endeavors to be discussed, 
> rationally, on this BBS (nearly said BS there!).
> Personally speaking I have had great help from many on this 
> list, 
> including some whose (political/technical) views differ from mine.
> I well remember the replies that I got from A way off topic 
> subject a 
> few months ago that really, really helped me out.I guess that a 
> lot of 
> the help etc that is provided from a request on the BBS is not 
> seen by 
> the majority simply because the replies are direct to the the 
> original 
> poster, maybe we (I) should dual post, and annoy a lot of the 
> casual 
> "skimmers" on the BBS?
> As to having "moderators" controlling the NA AMSAT BBS I'd have 
> to say no.
> Why, well I feel that a lot of (most) folk that post are trying 
> to find 
> an answer to a question or simply throw something into the ring 
> and 
> check back for an Answer or may be open their mailbox to see if 
> a reader 
> has replied directly.
> I'm sure others on the BBS can relate to my experiences, and can 
> see the 
> value in leaving the (basically self moderating) bbs as it is.
> 73,
> Don
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