[amsat-bb] SATPC32 3D2 maps

Dick Williams k8ztt at mho.com
Thu May 29 22:16:26 PDT 2008

I sent an inquiry to Erich concerning the following problem, but I am 
wondering if anybody else is having the same problem with V12.8 of SATPC32.

Problem:  I cannot seem to get the 3D2 maps to work.  I unzipped the two 
files (BM_Maps3D_2 and Maps3D_2) and all the maps 67 or so maps are present 
in the two folders.

When I start SATPC32 I still can only toggle between 3D1 and 2D (no 3D2 is 
available).  I have the window size set at W3 which give a Program window 
size of 1024/768 in the Options pull down.

I cannot figure out why I don't have the third option available 3D/2D select 
button available.

Thanks for any help

Dick K8ZTT
Franktown CO 

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