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Ben Jackson bbj at innismir.net
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i8cvs wrote:

| You cannot get out of the way those Amateur Radio users actually
| OSCAR's Satellites with on board transponders because the Amateur
| Service started when in 1972 OSCAR-6 was launched and thousand's of the
| above maltreated and by you offended HF users decided to abandone the
| Amateur Service to enter into a more bright and promising Amateur
| Service.


| Read please this "Brief History" written into page-1 of the AMSAT-UK
| OSCAR-13 Operations and Technical Handbook 1989


| OSCAR stands for Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio and a
satellite is
| a package equipped with solar cells, batteries, receivers, and
| aerials and control electronics.

This seems to fit the definition of RS-30 perfectly. Just because it
isn't configured for transponder use (as far as we know; did I miss a
definitive answer on this?) doesn't make it any less of an "Orbital
Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio".

RS-30 seems to fit the checklist perfectly:

* Satellite - Check!
* Orbiting - Check!
* Carrying Amateur Radio - Check!


| I hope that the original unchanged AMSAT's policy will be now clear for
| you.

I don't understand how RS-30 doesn't meet AMSAT's policy and Bob's
statement is correct, complaining about another satellite in orbit isn't
constructive in any way shape or form.

Robert Bruninga wrote:

| Face, it.. Ham radio is as rich in applications as there are
| innovative and resourceful people.  If you want something done,
| then go do it.  If you don't like what others are doing with
| their hobby, then get out of the way.

This is 100% on the money. The nay-sayers can complain all they want but
the issue at hand is that if they want something done, they need to roll
up their sleeves and do it. Otherwise they should not complain.

Amateur Radio is about experimentation. If another person's experiments
don't suit you, don't get involved with them. Don't start insulting them.

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