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A few extra pounds could be accommodated on the shuttle if you can get high enough on the priority list. Much of that space is reserved for critical components (things so big that only the shuttle can get them there) needed for ISS. Right now, there are only 11 more shuttle flights (including the one scheduled to launch this Saturday, May 31) and a couple of those may go away with the shuttle retirement set for 2010. Getting something boosted higher would take quite a few more pounds, volume and crew time. The greatest challenge is getting through the human spaceflight certification criteria.
It might be worthwhile to explore some of the other launch vehicles that are a bit less constrained time wise (Progress, HTV, ATV and COTS) and see if a piggyback payload could be attached and later boosted.  It will still cost plenty unless the payload has a bank rolled primary objective and amateur radio happens to fit in the gaps of the design.
Maybe all of the AMSAT's could buy a Progress after it has served it's purpose and have the Russians boost it to a higher orbit instead of ditching it afterwards. It comes with solar cells pre-installed ;)
Kenneth - N5VHO


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I'm sure this question has been bounced around the BB in past.  I simply don't recall (senior moment) the results.  With all the TONS of stuff they regularly pack up there, it seems logical (another senior moment), that an extra few pounds wouldn't even be noticed, maybe even more than a few pounds.  Then we can figure a way to get it even higher than the ISS.  Just thinking of a way to get more of a foot in the shuttle door.
73  Bob W7LRD

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