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> Need some advice  on test gear, signal source, swr  measurement for L and
> band. Just got 1.2 board for 910H and have unit on order for 2.4 from SSB.
> Home brewing antennas and need some way to check/adjust. My MFJ is only
> for up thru  70cm.
>          John
> John Henderson N4NAB
> 212 Bayside Drive
> Cape Carteret, NC 28584
Hi John, N4NAB

To make with easy reliable measurements of the Incident Power ,Reflected
Power and SWR from 1 watt to 250 watt at 1260  MHz  and from 1 watt to
25 watt at 2300 MHz I suggest you to buy a BIRD Thruline Model 43 RF
Directional Wattmeter with the approprate standard measuring elements
depending on your needs.
This unit is a professional instrument well know to all radio engineers and
you can move it with easy from the shack to the antennas only screwing two N
Using the appropriate measuring elements you can extend the frequency range
from 0.45 to 2300 MHz
I have two BIRD 43 since 1976 and I am very happy with them.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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