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Tue May 27 03:13:17 PDT 2008

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Hello  All,

Heard RS-30 transmit CW during the whole pass.  Below is the  telemetry 
received.  Sounded ok.  I also wonder if there is more  to this satellite 
the builders are letting on.

73 de David  VK5DG

Hi David.
There certainly seems to be some form of picture data being  transmitted.   I 
managed to get 41 seconds of it but may have missed a  bit at the begining. 
Still no idea how to decode it though.
Best guess seems to be Domenico I8CVS assumption that it's transmitting an  
old format of 4 lines per second.  So that's a minimum of 41 x 4 or 164  lines. 
 Perhaps if 50 seconds that would be a 200 line picture.
I just hope that the builders of the satellite haven't completely lost  touch 
with the Russian amateur community in the last few years.  So far the  only 
parts of the transmission we can decode is the CW telemetry. 
It would be a real shame if the propritory format of the data is just  
intended for a small number of students within the company responsible for  building 
RS30  and a lost opportunity if some sort of V/U comm's  has not been 
included on a satellite with such an excellent orbit.
Fingers crossed.
David  G0MRF


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