[amsat-bb] RS-30 YUBILEINY CW decode

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 26 02:08:38 PDT 2008

At 0515 +/- utc today 26 May 08 RS30 sent in CW:

rs30 us160 ibs16 usun1 isun0 itxa6 itxb6 ttxa65 ttxb66 tnap89 tnb66 msep0 mcon53 sma114 smb-- mrbn2 ----
rs30 us160 ibs14 usun1 isun0 itxa6 itxb6 ------ ------ tnap89 tnb66 msep0 mcon63 sma114 smb88 mrbn2 mrxb2 rs30

----indicates I didn't hear it "live", but I still have the wav file.

If in RS22 format:

IBS, USUN, ISUN, ITXA, ITXB are as previously reported.

TTXA, TTXB are transmitter temperatures -100 
TNAP is temperature of navigation unit -100
TNB, MSEP, MCON, SMA, SMB, MRBN, MRXB  are not identified. 

I sugegst that the modifications to temperatures and voltages ( -100 and /100) in RS22 may not apply to RS30 ??

Freq 435.312 gave best doppler.

73 de andy G0SFJ

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