[amsat-bb] Field Day Rules ARRL -vs.- AMSAT

Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
Sun May 25 07:32:03 PDT 2008

The ARRL Field Day rules regarding satellites are difficult for me to
understand.  I asked for a clarification of the one contact FM bird rule and
did not hear what I expected.  What they mean is "one contact per FM voice


For example: if AO-51 is running VU and LS you get one contact, not one on
each transponder. (The opposite of AMSAT I believe)


I believe there are more differences;

On AO-7 where working a station in mode A and then working it again in mode
B would be two contacts for AMSAT, but a dupe for ARRL.


In fact working a station on AO-7 (either transponder) and then on VO-52 is
a dupe in the ARRL (but not AMSAT) rules as "Satellite" is a single band in
the eyes of the ARRL.


I'm trying to stay out of trouble this year, so if anyone has any additional
clarifications please let me know, or if you know this to be wrong let me


Thanks and 73,

Joe kk0sd

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