[amsat-bb] SEEDS II tlm decode from last night

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 25 03:17:10 PDT 2008


     SEEDS Downlink Code for Ham Operators

 Data Type: CW Long House Keeping Data
(This is the calculation time, the rx time was 2120u 24 may)
 UTC Time: 2008/05/25 11:07:53
 Local Time: 2008/05/25 11:07:54

 CW Code:
JQ1YGU SEEDS G4 015960DF D85 FRE 006 E51 000 000 260 000 61C 611 B06 660 11 0000 0001 0001 0001 40E2 7F 40 34
Note – I’ve used the last 12 data items from the preceeding frame., to make up the full frame).
---------------Voltage Data-----------------

 Li-ion Battery Voltage(3.7[V]): 4.225 [V]
 Bus Voltage(5.0[V]): 4.705 [V]

-----------Solar Cell Current Data------------

 Solar Cell Current1: 5.057 [mA]
 Solar Cell Current2: 418.745 [mA]
 Solar Cell Current3: 4.362 [mA]
 Solar Cell Current4: 4.362 [mA]
 Solar Cell Current5: 74.552 [mA]
 Solar Cell Current6: 4.362 [mA]

---------------Thermal Data----------------

 Li-ion Battery1: 54.652 [deg. C]
 Li-ion Battery2: 54.564 [deg. C]
 FM & CW Transmitter: -7.654 [deg. C]
 FM Reciever: 50.330 [deg. C]

----------------System Data----------------

 Satellite Time: 2263471.0 [s]
 CW Transmitter Interval: 3 [s]
 Relay Switch1: ON
 Relay Switch2: OFF
 Relay Switch3: OFF
 MPU Reset Times (EPS): 0 [times]
 MPU Reset Times (FMR): 1 [times]
 MPU Reset Times (C&DH): 1 [times]
 MPU Reset Times (CW): 1 [times]
 Downlink Times: 16610 [times]
 Uplink Times: 127 [times]
 Release of Forced Charging Mode: OFF
 Command Number: 64

--------------Shunt Circite Data--------------

 Shunt Mode: Auto Shunt Mode

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