[amsat-bb] Re: Phase 3-E Launch date?

Dee morsesat at optonline.net
Sat May 24 07:17:14 PDT 2008

Keith Baker KB1SF/VA3KSF wrote:

>Domenico (I8CVS) wrote:
>>I am very surprised that you as a Past President AMSAT-NA are asking to 
>>people on this BB about the launch date of P3-E
>>There are or not official connections between you AMSAT-NA and the BOD of
>In a word...no.
>Unfortunately, I no longer have any "official contacts" with either AMSAT-NA 
>Since I stepped aside from both the AMSAT-NA Presidency and the AMSAT-NA 
>BOD, I've now become a permanent resident of Canada.
>And, in an effort to avoid further complicating AMSAT-NA's already 
>complicated ITAR reporting, I've decided it's probably best for me to simply 
>take myself out of the loop as regards AMSAT-NA's internal matters.
>However, Domenico, thank you very much for your informative reply!  I have 
>no doubt that the AMSAT-NA and DL folks are working as hard as they can to 
>get a launch for P3-E.
>Thanks again and 73,
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First, good to hear from you.  Many have asked at the AMSAT booth of 
your whereabouts. Sorry you feel this way, however, AMSAT does have a 
lot of bright stars and people that try to keep everyone informed.  I am 
"one" of the ANS editor's that try to keep the group and others in the 
world up to date.  I am hampered by lack of information being forwarded 
by the various groups doing wonderful things for us.  I always ask these 
groups to send a note or two to the ANS editor so we can keep the AMSAT 
members informed. 
I attended Dayton again this year to get scoops on items happening.  The 
forums went well and up to date information was dispensed.  ITAR is 
alive and well, yes, but the strings are becoming untangled.
Remember, sometimes no news means that there was no progress to report.  
AMSAT has the Eagle project working too so don't forget about that 
project's needs since AMSAT has contributed many times to Phase 3E and 
this is AMSAT-NA's contribution to the ham community.
NJ AMSAT Co-ordinator

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