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> Hello all,
> BTW, anyone have a ballpark idea of when P3E will launch? Last I heard was
> late 2008?
> 73,
> Kyle Yoksh
> K0KN
> Olathe, Kansas
Hi Kyle, K0KN

Regarding the launch of P3-E  I hnow that AMSAT-DL have close contacts
and discussing various possible launch opportunities.
However, the costs they still want to have for such a launch are too
high for AMSAT-DL alone and therefore they have not yet finally sign a
launch contract for a specific launch.
As far I know AMSAT-DL have already invested 1,5 Mio EUR into building
the spacecraft and work continues.
As far I know AMSAT-DL is currently working hard to cover the launch costs
(of abt 1 Mio. EUR) by other sources, but to finish P3E and keep the
infrastructure they still need support by the community and so if we want
P3-E becomes a reality we all users and particularly those people
commercially interested in this venture must pull for P3-E donating "money"
to AMSAT-DL othervise in the future only the LEO FM birds will be the last
Amateur Radio Satellite frontiere i.e. a step back before OSCAR-10 in a
previous time when the Amateur Radio Satellite communication between
Continents was impossible.

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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