[amsat-bb] New rig ... SSB birds

Garie Halstead K8KFJ khyberpass65 at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 11:00:28 PDT 2008

I just purchased a new FT-817ND and plan to use it in conjunction with my existing IC706MK2G.  The plan being to perhaps work some SSB.  I wondered how much operation there is right now on VO-52 for instance.  So, I picked a midday pass with some excellent elevation for my activity test today.  At TCA, I still had not heard anything on the new 817.  That was my fear ... inactivity.  I was beginning to give up when suddenly Chip (W4PBG) in FM19 calls CQ and hooks up with Don (K5BTK) IN EM42.  The mode was CW.
  I guess that answered any question I may have had regarding activity.  I hope to be on the bird soon with the new setup.  Sounds as if an op could be fairly busy just dealing with the Doppler aspect while sending, copying, etc.  Can someone guide me to a tutorial perhaps.  Many thanks.
  73, Gary  -K8KFJ-
  West Virginia (EM98)
  AMSAT #32574
  Sat VUCC #125    


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