[amsat-bb] Delfi-C3 status update 18 May 13:00 UTC

Wouter Jan Ubbels wjubbels at gmail.com
Sun May 18 07:14:15 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Another status update on the Delfi-C3 satellite:

1. During the 10:40 UTC pass over the Delfi-C3 groundstation on Thursday
15th of May, the linear transponder was successfully tested and activated
for a short time. The CW beacon was received well and subsequently good
signals using SSB were received. An audio file of the test can be found at:


2. We are currently performing tests while the spacecraft is over our
groundstation in order to address the downlink dropout issue. Since we take
it step by step, the satellite may still experience downlink dropouts over
the coming days.

3. TLE's for object G match best at this moment, we are becoming more and
more confident that G is in fact Delfi-C3.

4. Up to this date, we have received over 130000 AX.25 frames from all over
the world, thank you very much for your efforts and observations so far!

5. Delfi-C3 has been given an OSCAR number by AMSAT, and is now Also Known
As DO-64, which stands for Delfi-C3 OSCAR 64 or Dutch OSCAR 64. It is a true
honour for all team members to have Delfi-C3 join in the long tradition of
OSCAR satellites.

best 73, on behalf of the Delfi-C3 team,

Wouter Jan Ubbels PE4WJ

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