[amsat-bb] Kind of Sad

Frank H. Bauer ka3hdo at comcast.net
Sat May 17 16:30:31 PDT 2008

I have been an AMSAT-NA member since the early 1982.  I have volunteered
extensively for this organization.  And have led several key projects.
Despite the negativism I have seen lately, I am still VERY PROUD of this
team and organization.  It is not perfect.no organization is.  But if you
look at our history, we have done some pretty darn amazing things for a
volunteer organization---past and present.

What I find sad are those on amsat-bb that constantly bash AMSAT-NA.  They
provide no help (money or time).  And only THEY are right.  Are we all that
short sighted??  I hope not.

We are still doing some pretty amazing things.  And we have some great
projects that need three major items to be successful:

1)  Money
2) YOUR volunteer time and 
3)  Some additional leaders to bring these projects to fruition.

So let's stop the petty bickering.  That is too easy.  Let's do the hard
stuff..lead by volunteering your time and talent ..and let's build some
vehicles that fly in space!  

Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

P.S.  Responses to this should be e-mailed directly to me..no more bickering
on -bb please! 

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