[amsat-bb] Re: AO-40 S band

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Fri May 16 04:43:10 PDT 2008

At 10:16 PM 5/15/2008, WB2LLP wrote:
>I was going to set up to receive AO-51 on VS when it occurred to me 
>that I need the 144 band as the receiver for the S band 
>down-converter. Then I remembered that I used to have QSOs on AO-40 
>with the same gear that I still have, but I do not remember and can 
>not find any notes as what band we used for the uplink.
>Will someone  with a better memory/set of notes please remind me 
>what band we used for the uplink?
>TNX es 73 de WB2LLP

Hi Gene,

You may want to build the mode V/S adapter from
the Sept/Oct 2005 AMSAT Journal (also CQ-DL 2-2007.)

This is an easy to build, $5 device that converts
mode S downconverters to 6 meters. Then you can use
the 2m-band for your uplink.

If you need a copy of the article, email me.

Tony AA2TX

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